Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tat's Trivia Bot, v 3.6

Tat's Trivia Bot 3.7

Update: Latest Tat's Trivia Bot 3.69

See latest blog and version 3.61

See Tat's Trivia Bot, 3.65Though, I'm mostly out of the scripting game. I did half a decade ago, make one of the foremost trivia scripts ever, with more features than anything else anybody else could dream of. So, it's still pretty much top of the market, in a niche and aging market, but with advances in mIRC occasionally things break as some backwards compatibility breaks down. So I dusted off the old skills and found what changed and de-broke it.

Tat's Trivia Bot v.3.6

Well, it turns out the functionality between mIRC 6.35 and mIRC 7.1 has a noted difference in $read. If you call $read on a non-existent file, it will hit an error message and stop processing. Before it would continue but return $null to the $read. So $read($trivfil), then checking if there was anything there, caused it to crash correct answers in 7.1, because it wouldn't go beyond $read. So I searched the file and made sure to add a check to all the $read commands to see if the file exists before trying to read from it.

Previous blog notes about the script are good. Also, I use to own which is worth noting for the sake of people googling me. And I do have an outpost at And the Mediafire host has question files etc that are worth looking at. If you want to get in touch. I have a mail account and Tatarize has always been my name for pretty much everything, so if you do a little math you can figure my email (not explicitly said for the sake of spam).

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