Monday, August 9, 2010

Mocking Talking To God.

Apparently if God tells you things, you should never ever tell anybody about it and you should employ your rational mind before acting on God's advice. WTF? Why wouldn't you do what God said to do, without question? I mean I understand the practical implications in that there is no God and anybody who thinks God is talking to them is crazy and they really need to be careful acting upon voices in their head. But, what kind of religious authorities go around telling people to ignore the all-powerful creator of the universe's advice? It seems like if you accept the premise, you should be required to be bat-shit-crazy Phelps-style! Because these hybrid solutions where you accept that the Bible is the word of God but then ignore everything the Bible says because you never actually read the thing just sort of annoy me.

I know, sometimes good people are good in spite of the Bible, but it's like they are hitching a ride on secularism and then claiming that God did it. It's a bit like saying God is Love. Sure, they don't really mean that Jesus Christ is an emotion when you ask them, but "love" makes a great catchphrase and hitching your imaginary friend to it seems like a great political move.

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