Tuesday, October 3, 2017

On Supposition of a single entendre.

Missing a double entendre is when, in social intercourse, there is another meaning upon the lips, that one fails to fully wrap their head around or penetrate the whole of the available depth, a sort of premature interpretation.

Within this oral intercourse,
There is a seeming, source
Of a premature interpretation.
Flip it with a second destination.
On those lips, left wanting,
of a deeper thrust,
a pair of content's taunting,
their points securely trussed.
Beyond the naked point's, another.
A spectrum of awaited breadth,
It's hard to grasp
the whole, of the penetrable depth.

When in oral intercourse there is pair of points upon the lips, yet a failure to grasp the whole of the penetrable depth.

Double Entendre: n. pair of material and both points are grasped, and the whole of available depth is penetrated.

Double Entendre: when there is considerable pair, and both points are grasped

--- My hope here was to make a good and quippy definition for what a double entendre is, but I dunno, these seem a bit lackluster.