Friday, November 6, 2020

Never again. No more hell elections.

I would not have wished this on my worst enemy. This election was cruel to everybody. First in an election that all predictions said the Going into the election it was expected that Dems would comfortably get massive gains. But, the first thing that seemed wrong was many states that had counted votes first and added them to the same day weirdly blue. Kentucky went strongly blue and Montana and Texas. And all the states that counted those before hand.
Then everything else that didn't have those blue votes went blood curtailing red. Death in an election red. All your polls are wrong, Trump will even win the popular vote ruby red. Sleep on your doom while the Trumpists drink your libtears! Good night America.
Then slowly those states started counting up the missing democratic vote in the mail in ballots and were shocked when it was enough to exactly counter-act how blood curtailing red the first day map was. And restore them back to the average which comes close to the polling average.
It would have been much more kind to everybody if the map was simply the end result right away and not give the Trumpists the most delectable candy before punching them in the throat for days on end. And this is without NC going blue, without many of those house races reversing, without the Senate. I would not have wished this on anybody. It was cruel to everybody, for no reason. One of the first things that must be done is to ensure that all states pre-count their mail in ballots going forward or completely convert to mail in only ballots and count them at whatever speed you want.
Never ever ever ever, have a strong partisan divide where all Republicans cast their ballots to show up right away in the count and all Democrats cast their ballots in a way that takes several days to count. You should not torture everybody with a #RedMirage and then be even crueler to those who thought they win, by slowly making them feel the death of a thousand cuts as everything that they were not getting and did not earn was removed from them piece by excruciating piece. This election was hell. Never again.