Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tat's Trivia Bot, Tatarize

Tat's Trivia Bot 3.7

Tat's Trivia Bot 3.69
See Tat's Trivia Bot, 3.65See latest blog and version 3.61
See latest blog link: 3.6

Download Tat's Trivia Bot 3.56

Update There's a newer blog link with 3.58 etc.

A number of years ago as a fun project I programmed a mIRC trivia bot. I pretty well finished and let the product sit there for a long time and finally didn't care to renew my web hosting. Mostly because the webhost I used was kind of crappy and wanted something like $100 a year. For a site that I myself rarely visited that was a pretty tall order. So I let the site drop though, like all things, there are still some following for my old script. Did you know you can play Doom 2 online now? In the quake engine? Like I said, still followings for everything. Although, the parallel doesn't hold because my Trivia Bot is almost certainly the most feature rich on the market even though I haven't done anything with it for years now.

Why do I bring up this dreary story of my former niche fame as a mIRC coder?
-- Google.

When I google "Tat's Trivia Bot" it links to mIRC Scripts where my trivia addon has consistently been the top download for years. Let that be a lesson for some of the other script sites out there. Don't demand people host their own tiny scripts because when they stop caring and their websites go down... you don't get the script anymore because you don't have it.

In any event. I'm almost unfindable for Tat's Trivia Bot because, largely, I have one small reference to Tat's Trivia Bot off towards the side and that's not enough to drive traffic to my site if people search for My (Tat) Script (Trivia Bot). So on the offchance that I'm googled, I'd like to be found. Tat's Trivia Bot.

As for my scripts themselves, they can be easily downloaded:

I believe Tat's Trivia Bot 3.56 is the latest version released. My own internal version refers to itself as 3.58 and includes about two minor bug fixes and a xmlbuild function (because what is a tiny mIRC script without the ability to output xml to be read by RSS feeds?).

In any event, my hope is that my blog, and moreover, this post will show up when people google my old work.


NightStrike said...

This is wonderful :)

Any chance you can release your 3.58 update? And perhaps add a feature to enable/disable certain categories for a given theme?

Anonymous said...

How about adding support for KAOS questions?

Anonymous said...

I recently started using this upgrade from an older version (can't remember which) and I'm getting problems with streaks.

If I run a default round of 50 questions, and get the last question right, and then start another round and get the first question right, it doesn't continue the streak like previous versions did - it resets the streak to one, as if it's only counting the streak in that round.

Is this something that has changed, or something in the options that I've not been able to find when looking to sort it out?

Cheers for the otherwise great bot :)

Tatarize said...

Hm. There was a bit of code to stop the streak if a specific person asked for the game to stop. So that you couldn't stop the streak mid-game and start it back up because you didn't know that answer. I think I fixed it in the last version as it stopped working. Which may have over fixed it to apply to natural ends rather than !strivia events. I'll make a note by my spidey sense says it's a real bug.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I loved the tatarize script for bots, and i have a lot of question too. And i share your script on my forum because its the best script for trivia. And have a lot of functions.

Welcome back to internet Tatarize. :)

MadHatter said...

Hi Tat

Just wanted to say that your Trivia Bot has brought myself and many friends, hours and hours of enjoyment and fun, and that the work you put into it, is/was much appreciated :-)

So thankyou for your efforts and best wishes for the future !

Ramon said...

Hi, Tat!

Your !next command doesn't seem to work in mIRC 6.34? I tried most of the commands and they seem to work except for that single command. I'm curious as to what you have to say to that and if there's a way of fixing it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a nice script.. but I've the same problem as the ugy above me, !next doesn't work... and I've no idea how to get it to work either.

Tatarize said...

!next only works after the first hint is posted. If the hint doesn't go !next won't work.

I never made that as explicitly clear as I should have.

Happy_Men said...

Hi TaT :)

first of all TY for al years fun !!

all works fine here excepts the Bonus ??

where i fill that in and how ??

loved the old versions where i did put it in by my selfs .. extra point and reduce points on hint will only reduce point player !!!
pls help me :)

p.s can i load Kaos Questions in this ??

Tatarize said...

Bonus works by putting in a prompt of a number.

3: What is the square root of 49*7

And the bot will ask "For 3 points..." and ask the question. It's a way of doing a question for a set amount of points.

Also there are a few fun undocumented features for example if you type "/ask reverse" into the chat window where the game is playing, it'll ask the next question backwards. Or "/ask shotgun" it'll ask the question with a bunch of holes in it. Just "reverse" or "shotgun" in the trivia file (as a stand alone line) will have the same effect every once in a while.

/ask Who's your daddy*YOU ARE

Will force it to ask that specific question. Or /ask (number) will make it ask that question in the question file.

Just fun side notes.

/ask 10: How many points is this question worth*10*ten

Will use the bonus feature as well.

Mrvox said...

I just install your triva bot, one thing i don't understand is the translation option, how can i use this option ? pleas letme know
Send me a email thobias(at)

Tatarize said...

Has some of the later stuff and hopefully links to other such thigns.

Anonymous said...

I thought there was a piece of code that would make a random bunus question.
You could also set a random score to it.
The code was placed on the forum of your old site.
Is that in version 3.58?
If not is there somebody who has the code or know where i can download it ?


Tatarize said...

I'm pretty sure the way I told it to add random bonus questions was that it would randomly trigger an award which would call a custom command that would call:

/ask $read(bonus.txt)

Then inside the bonus.txt there were questions in the bonus form.

5: What is pi to three digits*3.141
4: Pi cannot be expressed as a fraction, what is this type of number called*irrational
7: How many more times do the series of digits "55" appear in pi than the series "555" (assuming pi is normal)*zero*0

The prefix of a number makes the question worth that many points. Also I think there are "shotgun", "reverse" and "scramble" which don't require question but simply set a flag for the next question to be rather strange.

You can also see this if you type:

/ask shotgun
/ask reverse
/ask scramble

While the game is running. Also, for bothering to find me you might want to know there's an Easter Egg of "!trivia pi".