Monday, June 9, 2008

Sharon Stone in hot water for not being Christian.

If you say that China got hit with a massive earth quake because of Karma they get scorn. If you said that God was punishing China for homosexuals or China was being punished for their human rights violations. If you said that God was punishing China for their treatments of Christians. If you said anything stupid from a Christian point of view it would be overlooked. Make no mistake, Sharon Stone's comment was just as probably less stupid than say Hulk Hogan's statement to his son (doing time for drunk driving and ending up putting somebody in a vegetative state) that the person he injured was evil and God was punishing him via your drunk driving. They are in similar veins.


Anonymous said...

sharon stone's an idiot, but who cares? china can afford to lose 80-100 thousand people and the population will replenish itself in about 4 minutes

Tatarize said...

My point wasn't about Sharon Stone, just that had she said that the Chinese Earthquake was God's retribution for their treatment of Chinese Christians nobody would have batted an eye.

Further, Chinese population growth is actually reasonably kept in check. Further, I think it is rather heartless to describe the lives of people as "affordable to lose" and able to be "replenished".