Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today on the View: Is the world flat.

I'm astounded. When evolution comes up, Whoopi gives the question as mellow, presents it as theistic evolution... then asks if the world is flat... she doesn't know.

I mean, you have non-evolution, theistic evolution, and no clue whether the world is flat. Apparently when the call it the view, they don't mean to suggest they see the world as a rational place. I feel worse about today's culture than I have in the past. Although, some of that is because PZ, referenced Pandagon, whose comments pointed me to the YouTube comments on this abuse video and slowly my optimistic humanist side started to die a little.

You know, even though I spend a good amount of time checking out the darker, dumber, side of the web... I get the impression that the real juicy ignorance can't even figure out the computer (although, they probably can work a voting machine).

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