Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not important enough to warrant rage at the time. But Bill O' is a moron...

Back a month or so ago, Bill O'Reily was whining about how somebody on Daily Kos called the pope a Primate. This was pretty pathetic even for him. There are three definitions of primate given by Merriam-Webster's dictionary for 'primate'. The pope meets all three.

1 often capitalized : a bishop who has precedence in a province, a group of provinces, or a nation
2 archaic : one first in authority or rank : LEADER
3 [New Latin Primates, from Latin, plural of primat-, primas] : any of an order (Primates) of mammals that are characterized especially by advanced development of binocular vision, specialization of the appendages for grasping, and enlargement of the cerebral hemispheres and that include humans, apes, monkeys, and related forms (as lemurs and tarsiers)

The Pope is the Primate of Italy, the first in authority, and a member of the order of primates as are all humans.

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