Thursday, September 20, 2007

Religion vs. Science...

Edit: One Good Move still has the videos.

The View's cohost, Sherri Shepherd's silly bout of geocentrism, gets blamed the following day on nervousness of needing to defending religion in public. There's an oddity with discussions of Religion vs. Science, and it's this: when ever people talk about religion and science, they're going to end up looking like a moron or an atheist.

This concept doesn't seem to phase atheists because we don't think atheism is a bad thing and, duh, science. We see people looking like morons trying to defeat science with no science knowledge and an extremely unscientific explanation of "magic man done it". So we get the best of both worlds. The amount they disagree is the same as the amount they look foolish... and we're all for this. Looking like atheists ourselves isn't even seem like an downside to us... looking more atheistic makes us feel suave.

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