Sunday, September 30, 2007

Criticism: what to whom.

If criticizing fundamentalists: Good they should be criticized. However, they aren't the nice nuanced modern day faiths to which reasonable people adhere. You can reasonably criticize the religious nuts but why react with atheism. There always sensible, reasonable, moderate faiths to believe in.

If criticizing moderates: Why are you trying to take something comforting away from people? You should criticize fundamentalists, they are the ones causing the problems after all!

If criticizing atheists: Psalms 14:1... the BIBLE IS REAL AND YOU SHOULD BELEIVE IN GOD THIS IS ONE NATION UNDER GOD! IN GOD WE TRUST! REPENT! I Know in my Heart that GOD IS REAL!!!11!!one!!

If criticizing postmodernists: the emperor has no cloths. Those words are strung together and are complete gobbly-gook. To say that that crap makes no sense doesn't make me look stupid, it makes me look human. I'm smart enough to understand large tracts of those words and they are nonsense of the first order.

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