Sunday, September 30, 2007

Condoms laced with HIV claims Catholic archbishop (liar and stupid).

A Catholic Archbishop in Africa where people are constantly has claimed, as many other have consistently claimed in Africa though denied when asked about it in the West, that Condoms are laced with HIV. The conclusions are two fold.

First, Catholicism has even more blood on its hands, directly responsible for death in the African AIDS epidemic. Sam Harris, in Letter to a Christian nation, notes on page 34 that "the Vatican is currently opposed to condom use even to prevent the spread of HIV from on married partner to another... Needless to say, if Church doctrine changes as a result of these pious deliberations, it will be a sign, not that faith is wise, but that one of its dogmas has grown untenable." The Catholic church is, in places where there is no other information about HIV, encouraging people to die.

Second, you actually couldn't catch HIV from an HIV laced condom. Oddly enough the virus dies rather quickly outside the body. Assuming that the condom wasn't laced two seconds ago, it would be nearly impossible to get HIV from a condom. Beyond being murdering asshole lying dirtbags the priests are wrong in the implication, you actually couldn't catch HIV that way even *IF* it were true!

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