Monday, September 10, 2007

Even theists get damned for Evolution.

In a letter to Bowling, ministers in Caro, Mo., expressed "deep concern regarding the teaching of evolutionary theory as a scientifically proven fact," calling it "a philosophy that is godless, contrary to scripture and scientifically unverifiable."

Evolution is not only highly evidenced, fits a great deal of facts, it's also a mathematically sound functional algorithm. It isn't a philosophy. It is Godless (in the sense that it doesn't assume God), it is contrary to scripture, and isn't "scientifically unverifiable" -- rather it's one of the most scientifically attested theories around and forms the bedrock of modern biology.

I tend to agree with the fundamentalists that evolution is anti-religion insofar as evolution cannot be true if a literal reading of their holy book is held, and the scientific implications of evolution do exempt a good deal of facts which are core to the story of Genesis. Though, with one side having no evidence and being patently absurd, and the other part having an entire world of evidence serving as the bedrock to several sciences. It's a wonder people choose the way they do.

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