Friday, January 28, 2011

Non-Religious Parenting Success. 91%

I just thought it was cool. There was a passing reference in one of Godless Girl's posts to some British study about the success of non-religious parents to raise their children non-religious. Claiming a "near 100% success rate" with close to a 50/50 shot if both parents are religious and of the same denomination. And looked up the reference:

If neither parent is religiously affiliated, 91 percent of
the children likewise describe themselves as having no religion. At the opposite
extreme, where both parents belong to the same denomination, the proportion
of children maintaining that allegiance and the proportion listing themselves as
‘none’ are equal at 46 percent each.

That's just sort of cool. I've always suspected a bit that it would be rather hard odd to have children end up religious raised non-religiously. If you don't force that BS into their heads when they are wee babes, it's rather hard to get it there. As an adult it doesn't seem like it should fit.

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