Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bill Donahue

Bill Donahue (the above is not intended for you to watch but to reference so you know who he is) is a jackass with a computer and like ten guys in a damn room whose entire job is to go apoplectic and antidisestablishmentarianistically react to any perceived slight of the Catholic Church.


Unknown said...

If it wasn't for the hungry drooling at the mouth for riches and craving for power of the Roman Catholic Church, who murdered the true Christians and many innocents then Christianity would have been more respected today.

Tatarize said...

If it wasn't for the RCC there wouldn't be Christians today. All modern forms are taken from Catholicism. Save perhaps Orthodox which is a direct split.

Certainly there's some rather large body count for Christianity dating from the Catholic period.

It doesn't really come up that much with regard to modern Christianity. The low appeal of Christianity has little to do with the mote in your brother's eye, but the beam in yours. Just because half a millennium ago Christians killed a lot of people isn't the reason I don't accept Christianity, rather it's because Christianity is laughable fiction.

Unknown said...

Have another look and understand what I wrote. Without the RCC there would have been much better Christians. If I don your suit and start killing atheists does that make me an Atheist ? In your mode of argument the answer is YES. You are missing the point completely. The RCC were wolves who hunted Christians who did not conform to their thoughts. It is the warped and twisted maniacs of the RCC you should be attacking for their atrocities. I repeat; They never were Christians. They followed their own dogma disguised as Christians.
I thought more of you than what you are now exhibiting. Have you never heard of live and let live?
Low appeal? To you yes, but funny the last I heard they are the largest religion in the world.
You see it, hear it, smell it, taste it yet you say it is fiction. This is surely an illogical statement or is it your indoctrination that is showing. I CARE NOT.
Have you forgotten that the conqueror, in this case the RCC, writes his own history and this is the history you are using to judge others by.

Unknown said...

The discussion is about the Roman Catholic Church and Bill Donahue, but you have digressed !
I was pointing out how the actions of the RCC affected others. I seem to have unwittingly touched your tender spot.

Tatarize said...

I don't think there would be Christians without the early church or Catholic church. While there were early Christians, they were all over the place. Without the might makes right, conquest, forced conversion, and strident dogmatization of Christianity, it wouldn't have done that well.

Christianity is one of a vast number of dying and rising savior cults from the first century. It wasn't very special. If not for the church it really wouldn't have gotten off it's feet. At best it could have Zoroastrian numbers, of a couple hundred thousand.

I suppose the Zoroastrians have some respect and perhaps your statement is true. Perhaps the couple thousand Christians who would be alive today, would not be better respected than modern Christians.

So you the real Christians were Arians, Marconites, and Gnostics? Because these were the heretic groups suppressed by the church. So you think Loving Jesus is the real God and the Jewish God is lower than him and different? Or is it that Jesus is a creation of God, above the angels, but below God himself who was really sacrificed and killed?

While certainly modern protestants do reject a number of obvious problems with the RCC the intellectual legacy is largely the same. I'm generally not much for calling a people what they say they are. Mormons and Catholics are Christians because that's what they call themselves. Christianity isn't a monolith, it's an umbrella term for a wide array of sects, cults, religions, and religious groups.

It's not a tender spot, I just don't think it's true.

Unknown said...

Loving Jesus etc. I have repeatedly spoken of Christianity in the third person. Jesus, That wasn't even his name, never claimed to be the GOD of the Jews. It took the RCC +300 years to elevate him to that status. Even the Jews and Muslims acknowledge him as a great teacher, no more.
How many times must I repeat that the RCC persecuted Christians. They started the RCC not Christianity. Who made Peter a martyr?. Who set themselves up as THE ultimate, The RCC not Christians.
Wasn't Emmanuel (Jesus) one of the greatest Psychologists/Teachers of his time ?
The Jews, downtrodden as they were, were given new hope. The Jewish Government/King actually started the persecutions because they feared they would lose power over their subjects. The Romans in their declining years saw the power they could again grasp by controlling the people and the RCC, their official organ, did their bidding.

Can we as humans start again and and with an open mind read what is actually there (although this is difficult in view of the edits and distortions) and not interpret it to suit ourselves.
Godlike beings, in comparison to the people of that time, is a fact recorded in history by many diverse cultures and peoples, sometimes couched in very esoteric language which was more appropriate to that culture and their language of the time.

I am a realist. I love the truth. When necessary I test for what is motivating the statement.

I believe anyone can have his beliefs/opinions. To be fanatical, fight over it, is nonsensical and detrimental to inner peace.
I have not in any one instance defended Christianity or any other persons beliefs, I have only indicated some facts that life has presented me with.

That Donahue and the RCC are fanatics is a fact, but to fight with them is only adding fuel to the fire which could engulf and destroy both parties.

Tatarize said...

Response found here.

Tatarize said...