Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tat's Trivia Bot V.3.7

Tat's Trivia Bot v. 3.7

Added WPM questions.

WPM*The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
WPM*What a todo to die today at a minute or two to two
WPM*The world beyond the stars is full of stumps.
WPM*The night is long and full of terrors
WPM*Winter is coming
What is the chemical symbol for gold=*Au

Fixed /ask command. It was wonky and I never realized till I tried to use it to test /ask WPM: This is a test of the trivia bot.

The added = formatting indicates that it should use exact mode. Which uses neither fix nor case insensitivity. This is also used for WPM questions Where failing to capitalize the letters results in a fail.

Added /openquestions as a secret command that opens the question file.


Unknown said...

Hello, first of all, I appreciate the update, but the capitalize letter it's still not necessary, i'm using the question:

Symbol of Oxygen, and I input o instead of O and it works.

About the time of answer, I read your post and well, if you think you could add this option, like a little checkbox to "count repeated answers time and wpm", or someting like that.

Of course, when you got free time and you consider it's possible and not too complicated to do, it's not my intention to bother you at all, I wish I knew how to code this XD, haha

Anyways, to summarize, what I'm looking for is the the function of lower and upper case and the time of repeated answers.

Thank you!

Tatarize said...

Yeah, that kind of over specificity, would also *need* to be done per question, or could be added in as part of WPM mode. Though it's not like speed typing the symbols for elements is something people would be doing. The problem here is two fold. First, I auto correct with $lower on both sides. And secondly mIRC script is case insensitive anyway unless compared with === rather than ==. So not only will that modification require breaking $fix() for capital letters, it also requires an edit to the compare routine.

Tatarize said...

Actually, checking the code. I really use regex to the the checking. So it really is all the lowers. The main code is:

var %pick = $regex($lower($fix($1-)), $trivia.pattern)

With the relevant factors the $lower($fix($1-)) and the $trivia.pattern which builds a regex pattern to match acceptable answers on the fly, which is also fixed. Removed the redundant $lower commands and added in a setting to force a bypass of fix. In reality the place there with lower(fix()) and the part in trivia pattern if replaced with just $1- will suddenly become overly exact.

In any event, this isn't exactly a feature you'd always want on, because it would be annoying as hell. Unless you would. I'm thinking some kind of indicator in the question file. Or perhaps just a secret on and off switch, for people who might want such a silly thing.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your reply, I couldn't understand much because of my lack of knowledge, so I'm not totally sure what you mean.

Haha, and I know it's kind of silly, we are just a community of 30 players, and we play on another platform instead of irc chat, but with all the features covered, irc would be the best option.

So, am I suppose to add something extra to the question in order to make it recognize capital letters?, for example, on the symbols, I want the first letter capitalize, and if they input on lower case, it won't be detected as a right answer.

I wouldn't mind about the indicator thing, actually, with the indicator is even better, that way I won't have to cover all the possibilities on topics where I don't require capital letters (for example, on world capitals, I don't mind if the capital of Spain is type MaDrId), but especifically on the word per minute questions (the ones where you have to type exactly the whole phrase), and for symbols, this would be great.

Besides that, in case it's possible, the thing about detect time on all the ansers for every user, and that would be it.

Not sure how complicated this is or if it takes too much time to do. Once again, thank you for your answer, and I'm sorry for all these questions and petitions.

Tatarize said...

In short, did you want this feature as an always on thing? Or would it suffice to say end your question with something like = to indicate you want the answer exact, for this particular question.

As is I have - as an end flag if memory serves that tells it to not include a ? at the end.

Tatarize said...

I should rather modify the WPM formatting anyhow. And make sure it provides a required exactness by default.

It should be:

WPM*What is the world coming to these days with the the onions and the the apples.

Rathers than require the question and answer in both parts.

Other alternative formats like:

Works that way.

And in that question type, require exactness and case sensitivity. And in others just let it it format with a = to indicate that you want that exactness on that question.

In fact, I'm going to pull the script and include those in 3.7.

Tatarize said...

Okay, pulled and restored. Lemme edit this thing to sweep under the rug the now defunct setup.

Tatarize said...

Okay, the topic here correctly identifies how to use those modes. And other people should be completely unaffected.

Unknown said...

Number of questions: 9646
How do I increase the number of questions limit?
Thank you! Lovely program btw! :)

Tatarize said...

The number of questions isn't a limit, it's a count. That's how many questions are in the given question file. If you check the download site for the bot, there should be a directory for questions and a QBig one or something that has a couple hundred thousand or something. There's no hard-coded limit.

Unknown said...

Hello how have you been? I was wondering if it was possible to add amount of rounds won, because we mostly played based on rounds. A hall of fame of who has the max amount of rounds.

Also, I was wondering if it's possible to only count wpm on a certain topic, because on my community, we have different topics, and I want only to count wpm on a certain category/topic.

Is it possible to see stats of a round?, I know all I've asked might be difficult, I'm not sure about it, but I basically want to separate teams and individual scores and focus mostly on the rounds instead of the amount of total questions.

Thank you

Unknown said...

Ohh, and also to add the time next to a person answer, so we ccan know how fast the second fastest answert and the third one replied, how fast they did

Unknown said...

Sorry for a third message. I'm not sure of this, I'm playing on kiwiirc, I created a channel and we play there. But I think what I send gets faster than everyeone else, and sometimes they see their answers first than others, but they lose. Is there any alternative or way to fix this? is it something related to mirc?

thank you

Unknown said...

Also, the plugin bans most of my members, I'm not sure why, maybe somethng related to the flood? is it possible to deactive this? thank you.

Unknown said...

I know I'm bothering a lot, it's just that I have some ideas, which I'm not sure if hey are hard to implement or not. I also noticed that at the end of a round, doesn't annunciate the winner, that'd be pretty cool, especiale if you could make it a different text color.

Unknown said...

Hey Tat - I'm looking around and I remember having this Trivia installed in the past... many many years ago. I wrote you and sadly never send you the Trivia Questions as I wanted it to make something worthwhile - well a double crash of my hard drives took care of that and wiped it clean. Although I had an older file it was far from what I had done - I think I was going for a 1000 questions before release or something. Well, down the drain with it all.

Anyway... Looking back, and thinking. We, or I used it for a CNC trivia, we had great fun with it. Although I don't remember how to install or how I did it in the past, I think I had some kind of bot always on running it. But I have not really used IRC for long time since the days of Generals and now I'm a Christian.

So... I'm working on something new and I thought about your plugin - thinking, maybe a Protestant Christian Trivia might not be that bad. And then link an IRC client from my webpage to it - which was actually the thing I was looking up, leading me to this and other things.

I wanted to say thank you for all your work on it - we had a blast with it in the past although sadly I have to research things again to get something up. But anyway...

So many ideas and my old brain could be working a lot better - wasted my youth on stupidity and destroying my health and then I found out who Jesus Christ was, is and is to come :)

So... I was like, even if I get something up on my webpage in regards of IRC, mostly people will probably not use it - but if I fix a Trivia in the room that it connects to - it might serve its purpose better :) Chat and Trivia like in the old days - made things move in the channel for sure.

Anyway, thanks for all - I'll let you know if I get the time to make a Bible Trivia and see if I can find your address or something to connect with you. For the moment I'm still setting up the page here and there. One brick at a time. Lots of things to do.

My page is https://JesusISGodAlmighty.Life - yet still a work in progress for sure.

May Jehovah be with thee and Jayshua a most Precious Pearl and their Spirit of Truth in us all - Amayn


DarkiJah said...

DarkiJah again - It seems the Tats Trivia has problems with the newest version of mIRC!!!

Having problems with it and with the colors. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.... Not sure what is going on, going to try to install an older mIRC and go for that.

Dearly Regards
- DarkiJah

DarkiJah said...

Found out the issue was not the script of Tats Trivia! :) Tried an older version as well of mIRC - it was the channel settings. Apparently they have this thing on channels that is default as ON filter colors... Which broke it on some places and other not.

So now that is sorted out, so far so good.
So it was not a bug or anything - just me not knowing that the default setting for freenode was to set colors off... Very annoying as it seemed to stop working all of the sudden in the beginning. I never thought there thing would change anything. But apparently it did.

So far so good I guess :) - So it seems Tats Trivia still works with the new version of mIRC. I do wonder what happens after the 30 days trial period of mIRC if the whole program stops working or what. Sadly I don't think Tats Trivia bot works on other things then mIRC???

Dearly Regards
- DarkiJah

Deacon^Blues said...

Hi there thanks so much for your excellent trivia bot! I was just wondering, is there a way I can take the scores.html file and have the bot automatically upload it to my website? Is this built into the features or is some sort of advanced scripting required for this? Thanks!

Deacon^Blues said...

Just another question : does the bot allow the Bonus questions to be formatted a different colour to the other questions? Thanks!

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if you still support triva 3.7. But if you do, would be interested in knowing how to make it work for multiple channels (same network). I configured it by selecting a second channel to run trivia with a different language question file, yet the question files from the other(eng) channel are being used... :( How to differentiate would be appreciated.

Also, is there any detailed documentation about translation file? How does that work?