Saturday, May 12, 2012

But Jesus died so horribly...

We are to accept that God needed blood to fix the universe, and only his own blood had enough magic to do it, so he gave himself a body and killed it.

Telling us how terrible crucifixion is doesn't make the story make more sense. A religion built on the idea of blood sacrifice doesn't make sense in reality. That we should have an unfathomably vast universe and the most important aspect of it are the blood carrying cells of some critters on this one tiny speck of a planet. However, that is exactly what a culture obsessed with primitive blood magic would invent as a religion. Telling us that Jesus suffered greatly, though not as greatly as people who actually survive for a while on the cross before dying, or die of cancer or something like that. Doesn't change the nature of the story and why it doesn't make sense. God sacrifices himself to himself to sooth his human anger emotions towards his creations. It's a rather gaping plothole. But, it's exactly what would have been invented if Christianity were invented. The Jews were obsessed with primitive blood magic and scapegoats, and the Romans were obsessed with the children of the gods and their wacky adventures. You invent a religion in that context, and you invent Christianity. Where the wacky son of God dies as a scapegoat for those who accept it. -- Telling us how horrible that death was, doesn't make the story make any more sense.

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