Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ZOMG! Swoon! Woo!

AronRa has seen something that I did! The internet is a small world.

(7 minutes in, it should start there).

The word perspective is better than worldview because a fraction of your worldview is not itself a worldview. But, it's clearly a modification of my original demotavator which got some degree of popularity!

It's like some fractal I stole that I plugged into an internet app and shortened a concept by somebody else has gone platinum and actually reached one of my intellectual heroes.

And to bring it all back around, the fractal I stole originally to make this piece of work was taken from a post about the fractal nature of the internet and how  the internet flows around and everything loops around at different scales of resolution. They, in turn, attributed the art to fractal.art.pl. It really does seem that that the internet is a very large-small world.

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