Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh, something I made achieved moderate popularity!


Introduced on this blog last February.

Sandwalk actually made a post about it.
Having actually borrowed it from another site!

And was added to a few other image sites.

-- And it was edited to remove the watermark. Somebody actually went to a minute amount of effort!

I actually own after earlier this year the Non-Prophets talked about the concept of Fractal Wrongness by Keunwoo Lee. I fully understand that I just stole a picture of a fractal, plugged it into's diy demotivator maker and changed the general theme from one of describing the noun to a declarative statement with a little more brevity. -- But still. Something I made achieved moderate popularity... unlike this blog.


RedFerret said...

First heard the term on a Non-Prophets show, and its stuck in my mind ever since. Good work mate, it works.


Vahram G. Diehl said...

Love the Fractal Wrongness, its my Facebook profile pic now. Props, yo.