Sunday, November 2, 2008

Watching Expelled: Underwhelmed beyond expectations. Part 2.

43 minutes in. This douche is in a chair.

Berlin wall of non-academic freedom. Good Comrade. Scientists are bullies. Pull back the clothe, it's like the wizard of oz.

They can't say it's complicated? I've read enough biology papers and reviewed enough to see they say that a lot. The nitty-gritty is a pain in the ass and more complex than you previously thought at pretty much every turn. If not for evolution we'd be completely swamped.

Liberal Christians hate fundamentalists and so they side with the atheists. Those evil colluders!

Evolution says there's no God.

Dawkins turned toward atheism by evolution. Overly frank. He constantly comes off really well.

We don't get even level debate. Those bastards think that ID isn't worthy to be considered on the same level. -- DUH!

Some ID supporting journalist wrote some favorable ID stories and ended up getting laughed at. -- How oppressive!

In Poland the courts don't need to decide. Court cases don't decide anything! Poland doesn't have crappy creationists wanting to teach religion in public schools or the first amendment which says that they can't. Did that polish guy support ID? Seriously? I don't know.

It must be very important! It must be something more sinister!

They move to attack religion in order to stamp out ID! Awe, it's that dumbass who tries to ride Dawkin's coattails. He's totally douche and lame. Another clip of douchey guy in chair.

Why is this clipping out Murrow and making it seem like he supported ID or something? That seems pretty stupid.

Early scientists were believers! Science is biased towards atheism.

But were their other consequences? ...

You're here today and you're gone tomorrow! -- Okay duh.

Guy deconverted by understanding evolution. That's pretty reasonable. No free will? No meaning? That's a bit cold but eh.

I'm going to shoot myself in the head. I don't feel bad about it. That's absolutely seems reasonable.

More deconversion with evolution. Evolution and atheism do have strong correlations.

PZ called it fairy tales! ZOUNDS!

Dawkins says goblins.

Attenborough says it's stupid.

Maher says regulate religion if you're regulating dangerous things

PZ says it's like knitting. Fun, gathering, no importance, and we should let it die a slow death. -- Clearly he wants to eradicate it by force.


Here's somewhere where the Germans killed some handicapped people.

Breeding programs are a human invention which long predate Darwinian evolution. It isn't that they are taken from evolution but rather Darwin's great insight was to see that the same factors which allowed for the breeding of livestock would equally apply to the breeding of animals themselves via slower natural means and that a Malthusian argument could be made for all organisms and, as such, this would cause a gradual improvement in complexity and explain many vast arrays of lingering questions in biology. -- So yeah, pretty much all of it is pretty much nonsense.

Ben Stein keeps asking the tour guide some retarded questions.


This is why medicine is largely not very sciency.

Planned Parenthood!

Stein is overacting, and doing a crappy job at it. Hitler was very logical. Clearly. Evil but logical. Science is evil! Muahahahahaha! -- This is epic fail.

I know Darwinism isn't responsible for Nazism but Darwinism is responsible for Nazism and it will happen again!!!!

Journalist women is talking about abortion and euthenasia like it's a holocaust. I get the distinct impression that all of these people are very right-wing... why is that?

The Elites control all the research money. No religion!

Ew. You sick bastard. Ben Stein is now in Down House. Isn't there some rule?

Some more sinister walking around.

Hey, there's a statue of Darwin somewhere? That looked pretty cool. I want one.

Jefferson wrote "creator" so values come from God. Scientists aren't alone. Darwinians hate America! It's a massive conspiracy.

Baylor refused to say their issues had to do with ID. Even though it was tainting their good name.

We didn't want ID tainting our names. Avalos is great.

It's just like the Berlin wall!

Dawkins is donning his armor for the coming battle. Armor being make-up and battle being sucked into a fairly nonsensically cut up interview.

Why do you use the word who? -- Dawkins wins. Panspermia is possible, but certainly didn't happen. He supports ID! What? You're a dumbass Mr. Stein.

Stein is obsessed with some gods.

What would you do if you ran into God? "Sir, why did you take such pains to hide yourself." My favorite reply to that kind of question is, "what I would say would depend on how good his apology was."

Back to the lecture.


* freedom to take your science out of context and push religion.

I knew I would. I want my hour and a half back!

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