Tuesday, December 26, 2006

We are all deeply immoral and nobody realizes it

In the history of the world there has been more than a few shifts in morality. The perfectly acceptable slavery of one century is turned into anathema the next, racism, sexism, heterosexism. Even as early as fifty years ago, a number of things have shifted. And it stands to reason that things will shift again.

What will it be?

What are we doing today which will be universally condemned by progeny? Our vile eating of meat from murdered animals (tasty!), our admonishments against pride (it's okay to feel good when you kick ass), our patriotism (USA! USA! USA!)? Certainly, killing animals will seem barbaric when you're eating steak grown in a petridish, or humble about things when you should be rewarded for your deeds and given reinforcements for good behavior, our illogical love for our own country and group due to nothing more than our non-choice in being born here?

Perhaps something more sinister? Our respect for religious faiths that do nothing to earn our respect? Our rather critical attacks on higher learning in a number of areas? How about our old classics, such as xenophobia and racism. Certainly they aren't wiped out, and as such we have much to condemn from a place beyond such petty bigotries. How about the idea that we think races exist at all. That there are black people or white people or asian people rather than simply humans with a slightly different gene frequency set?

How about something rather odd? Our pathetic public school system? Even funding our public school system at all? Not providing universal healthcare? Being a society that allows lawsuits for every little stupid thing. Perhaps PETA has a point and our very ownership of animals as pets will someday be looked upon as that of slavery. Perhaps even our idea that animals are things, or that we are somehow not animals ourselves. Perhaps the very notions of sin or God? Perhaps our frigid views of sex as something you can only do with people you know the names of? Perhaps the very idea of clothing will be seen as quite Victorian and worthy of scorn. Our wasteful nature? Our trash? Our use of nuclear energy? Our lack of use of more nuclear energy? Our pollution? Our ignoring of global warming? The notions that big faceless corporations are big bad and faceless? Taxes existing at all? Circumcision being permissible on children without their consent? Indoctrination into political, religious, and ideological view points? Psychology? The very existence of science?

It's impossible to know what morality will look like fifty years from now, and thusly it's impossible to be moral in the way the future will view morality. Thusly, if my view that my family is worth more than comparable individuals who aren't my family is someday viewed as gross bigotry, my most humble apologies... assuming apologies aren't viewed as some sort of cop-out shouldn't really absolve any previous behaviors.

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magx01 said...

Great finish. Treating family above others is really just selfish biology at work.

"our illogical love for our own country and group due to nothing more than our non-choice in being born here?"

Exactly! I've recently touched on nationalism as well, if you're interested: