Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Iowa Caucus.

I have done a reasoned analysis, crunched the numbers, sensed the winds, viewed the future through the eyes of a cold calculation, looking at massive amounts of data in order to bring you a fantastic prediction about what the Iowa Caucus will bring.

John Edwards will win. His victory will swell the ground game and cause a domino effect sapping strength from the message of Obama (see message of Edwards) putting him into a head to head contest in the national race against Hillary Clinton for the nomination. He will win the nomination and choose Obama to be his running mate (Hillary will be Chief of Staff). A few months prior to the general election, Edwards' wife will tragically die of metastatic breast cancer. The Republicans will debate continuing on their negative message, and despite the fact that only a callous bastard would do such a thing they will continue. Romney's presidential bid will fail, not as a result (he was already down 20 points in the polls at this point anyhow) but it certainly didn't help. And Edwards will be elected with 64% of the vote, to Romney's 30%, with Ron Paul's independent campaign pulling in 7%.

What statistics suggest such a thing? How could I be this impressive with my tabulations of the future? Mostly, I pulled it out of my ass. Heck I had to look up the Iowa Caucus to know it was on the third. Of course I could just say that you have your math and I have THE MATH! -- But, only an ass would do such a thing. In all seriousness I hope Edwards wins the nod. Mostly because I want a slam dunk and kind of want the Dems to pick up several additional senate seats. Think Hillary-hate might drive out the vote on the Republican side, even in states where they stand no chance at winning, costing some minor races their wins. That said, she'd win the general. Heck Kucinich would win the general.

Here's another prediction two years out. The Governator becomes the Senatator defeating Boxer, and Vitter is sunk, both in 2010.

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