Sunday, January 20, 2008

Creationist literature vs reality.

Creelman’s TEE Revision:

via, Podblack

"Many equiangular spirals can be found in the animal kingdom; examples include the horns of wild sheep, spider webs… and the path of an insect approaching light. It seems to be further evidence of design in the creation of species."

That is so compelling. I mean, to understand that the Golden Ratio is part of the spiral flight of a moth as it flies into a fire, immolating itself, in what must be a pretty painful death... is telling of the benevolence and perfection of God.


Podblack Blog said...

Yeah. And best of all, this tripe is all over study guides for final-year science revision books for high school students. Even on booklists as 'suggested reading'. Urkgh.

Messa said...

Disgusting. I shudder to think in 5 years time, this will be mainstream science in schools.