Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dana Jacobson: In Vino Veritas

During a comedy roast apparently Dana Jacobson said some comical roasting things involving Jesus.

She is reported to have drunkenly (alleged) said, "fuck Notre dame" and "fuck touchdown Jesus" and "fuck Jesus" before she was hustled off stage.

And was suspended for a week by ESPN (she's a sports something or other).

Mark comments,

Jesus Christ emphasized "turning the other cheek", loving your enemies and forgiving those who offend you. Piggish sluts like Dana Jacobson and Kathy Griffin are aware of this; therefore, it must give them a sense of power when they open their big garbage can mouths to defame Christianity. If they had made a similar comment about Allah or Mohammed they might have receive a few death threats by now.

It just warms my little heart to see people turning the other cheek.

Southern Baptist notes:
This woman's words were far more offensive then what Imus said and she should be fired AND charged with a 'hate crime'

Apparently nobody has informed him that a hate crime is typically a crime with a hate component. Not crime. Not hate. She was apparently poking fun at Notre Dame for invoking Jesus all the time.

The comments run the gamut from "she should be fire" and "this way way worse than Imus (Nappy-headed hoes) or Kelly Tilghman (Tiger Woods could be stopped with a back alley lynching).

Although there are some bright spots, Justin notes:
Way to go, Dana! You have plenty of supporters. Say what you want. Especially about crazy mythological beings.

Is the America or what?

Apparently people think that "Fuck Jesus" is a hate crime or even slightly parallels suggestions of back alley lynchings.

Fuck Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

Dana may drink too much, but what she said was cool. If you believe jesus lived and was important or magic or something, you probably dont want to say fuck him, but otherwise who cares? I've said worse things about him and his daddy--as have most of my friends.