Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ego Surfing Gone Bad.

Ego surfing is where you enter your username into Google and see what it turns up. The main reason I go by Tatarize rather than Tat is because it Tat is too common (only really good for high score tables) and the thrill of palindromes is overruled by the ability to find all references to yourself on the internet.

Today, I needed a link to a picture of myself and decided to just send a couple hyperlinks.

Well, I did a Google Image Search for Tatarize.

Wow. First image was a bit of a shock.

In case anybody cares, the guy who runs that site is crazy and goes by Dr. Curry and refers to himself in the third person. He works at a community college and has a law degree. His absolutely obsessed with the Pledge of Allegiance and swears it's socialism come to take over America. And not just socialism but Nazi socialism... which isn't even socialism at all. He swears that the swastika is setup to have the center part resemble the 'S' in socialism and resemble the 'S' in Hitler's signature. The fact that Adolph Hitler doesn't have an 'S' in it, impressed nothing on to this. Proper tellings of history don't phase him either. The arm extended is a Roman salute. He even wrote a brief in Newdow's Pledge Case.

2006-06-13 Amicus Brief of Rex Curry filed. [71K]

In any event, I engaged him as I engaged all crazy people for sport. And well he posted of his glorious victory against me on his web page.

Just freaky.

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