Saturday, October 13, 2007

Optical Illusions and predictive minds.

Theory: The image is spinning counterclockwise. -- Predictions as to what a counterclockwise spin would look like are confirmed.

Theory: The image is spinning clockwise. -- Predictions as to what a clockwise spin would look like are confirmed.

So basically if you see the legs going behind or in front you'll predict one direction or another. The article that had it is suggested it right brain/left brainness which is kinda bs.

Minds are extremely predictive. We spend a lot of time intuiting what exactly is going to happen next. Constantly figuring this does this that does that. And in our minds inertia makes a lot of sense. So looking at the image knowing what's going to happen next is automatically guessed at and either guessed direction is confirmed.

The real interesting thing is how we guess directional spin without any conscious thought. We just glance and picture the spin. We can't view the image without this prediction. If you look toward the bottom of the screen or where you can't make out the human figure, you'll notice a black blob going back and forth.

Stare at her foot and imagine it going back and forth, if you can do that when ever you glance upwards your mind should stay with the last prediction and keep the directional spin.


Kristy said...

I, at first, thought that it was a trick and that she actually switched directions. Then I watched her until I was able to switch her direction at will. Trippy.

AdamK said...

Hey looks like we've got similar posts. How'd you post the video directly on your blog you computer guru you.