Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Divinely Hidey God.

One of the comments from the God Delusion debate (see below) struck me as rather funny. I know, they are all comic gold but this one was just classic.

"Amazingly strong Dr. Lennox. If a Atheist where a thinking person surely he/she could admit they don't know all there is to know and that God could exist in the part they have yet to know."

God could exist in part they have yet to know?

"I've been looking for this God of yours for a while and haven't found it yet. So I'm an atheist."

-- "Have you checked under that rock?"


-- "How about that one?"


-- "And that one?"


-- "See GOD exists! I TOLD YOU SO!"

As if God is some kind of new species of snail.

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