Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Review: Built To Last

So I managed to get a Creationist booklet via my sister via some free box from a yard sale. Built To Last by Dwight K. Nelson. Let me just say, I haven't laughed so hard in a long while, at one point. Though, it doesn't manage to make the reading a non-negative experience.

Chapter 1:
It makes a great start by assume the Bible a priori. This is justified because a prioris are everywhere. Your belief in Thomas Jefferson is a priori because you assume he existed and despite the mountain of evidence for his existence a posteriori we must assume this a priori and thus God is safe to assume out of the blue (even without any good reasons to believe)... so we might as well assume the Bible.

Since Godel proved that you need to make assumptions which can't be proved [within the system itself] therefore mathematics would be a religion. And we all trust math right? See, so it's okay to make unproven assumptions for Christianity too!

Chapter 2:
Pick out some fossils. Disregard them. Claim there are massive gaps in the fossil record. Somehow mentioning Nebraska man, which isn't even a fossil. Apparently his research consists of Jack Chick tracts. Page 34 contains what must be the most compelling segue in history:
But in case you are still not ready to embrace the creation accounts of Genesis, let us look elsewhere in Scripture.

At this point I burst out laughing and read the line to multiple people.

Chapter 3:
Darwin's Black Box: Cue Behe's tired arguments about irreducibly complexity. For example think of an arch, an arch is impossible to build. You cannot remove any brick and have the arch stay up, thus no arch could be built from the ground up. Therefore God has built all the arches that exist.

Not really... there's just scaffolding just as there are intermediate parts which evolution later weeds out as unneeded once all the bricks are in. You can very clearly build an arch one piece at a time.

Chapter 4:
Big bang, yadda yadda, Genesis says, God exists.

Chapter 5:
Oddly enough this chapter is one of the most misguided of all the misguides of misguideville. He starts off by pretending that sexual reproduction is some difficult problem. It's certainly an interesting one. Breaking down the walls and allowing for genes to independently assort and evolve more independently and adding selection not just in what species get to live but in what species gets to mate is more than enough to pay for the whole only half your genes get to move on to the next generation thing. Frankly it's a good idea for genes to jump ship for the success of all genes.

Dawkins wrote the Blind Watchmaker which was a challenge to Paley... rather than explain how exactly evolution works he gives Paley's argument and let it sit there. Then suggests Dawkins just wants to be an atheist, which I assume he does when you consider the alternative. Not that that is at all a response. Ten years after Dawkins wrote his 'odd grasping for straw book', Behe came around and proved scientifically that complex systems are just too complex. *sigh*

Chapter 6:
Oddly rather than the more standard Dinosaurs are real but they vanished and survived the ark. He takes the view that dinosaurs are monsters which God needed to drown. Noah's ark rather than being so large it couldn't float is an amazing design because it's really big. Because, if it were a myth they would have said it was a smaller boat.

Tyrannosaurus rex is no figment of the imagination! But the production of horrible mutant creatures was terribly out of sync with God's original plan of interspecies harmony.

God must be a moron. His plans suck if a very well evolved predator/scavenger is a horrible mutant result of unforeseen events (by an all seeing entity).

Oh, and the bones just settled as such because of the flood and for some reason the heavier stuff floated to the top.

Chapter 7:
I hereby submit to the jury that the seven-day week and the seventh-day Sabbath are a perpetual testimony to the veracity and historicity of the Creation accounts in Genesis 1 and 2.

Apparently there are seven days in the week and therefore the Genesis account in Genesis 1 and contradictory one in Genesis 2 are both correct. Apparently today being Tyr's day and tomorrow being Wotan's day is an argument for biblical creation. If the Bible is false, then there can't be a seven day week.

Chapter 8:
At this point he dances on the corpse of John Lennon who "died in a pool of his on blood on a New York sidewalk" -- which is inaccurate and secondly an argument against religion. John Lennon was gunned down by a crazy Christian fundamentalist (Mark David Chapman). This sack of shit (Nelson) beyond recycling bullshit apparently dances on the cooling bodies of great men for singing Imagine.
From Wikipedia:
The song "Imagine" also angered Chapman – at prayer meetings and religious rallies, Chapman and his prayer group also sang a parody with the lyric "Imagine, imagine John Lennon is dead."

He recycled nonsense for seven brief chapters then in the one where he said he would make his own statements, he cheers for murder. Built To Last is a horrific pile of trash. Dwight K. Nelson is a bastard. The negative aspects and downright evil depressing scum-words outweigh the funny nonsense where his ignorance is amusing. Some creationist books have ignorance/scum ratios such that reading them is more amusing than disturbing... this isn't one. The only time he steps out beyond the Bible and recycled nonsense and ignorance, he does so to dance on the corpse of a truly great man. Pathetic.

John Lennon was shot by a crazy Christian so we should all become Christian! My sister got this book for free... she paid too much.

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