Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Poem: The Nut

The light that breaks,
Emblues the sky.
while proteins change,
and sick things die.

The world is oval in its path,
and when we look upon the math.
It matters not, the fraction's small.
But, tilt the world, and leaves will fall.

What chance is there that we exist?
Reality unseen would still persist.
How rare it is, that we are here?
We are not a ball of ice!
But, that's not exactly good or nice.
Though, the world is not too hot.
How impossible that we are not?

A supermodel from Denmark,
plays dice with the world.
Refusing to tell:
Who won and who played.
The rules to be had,
or how it was made.

A universe is at our feet,
with a dozen suns for each heart beat.
A trillion miles is not that far,
Just a fraction of the distance to the next star.
An hour of a day long trip.
Impossible without a skip.

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