Saturday, October 13, 2007

Garofalo the psychic.

One Good Move has a great little blast from the past.

Oddly enough, this little internet thing has fun little records from that point in history.

spleenville (no link due to fuck them):
Ooh, Janeane Garofalo got her ass kicked on Fox and Friends on the Fox News Network. Brian Kilmeade was somewhat -- ah -- less than deferential to the august pronouncements of Ms. Garofalo. It almost makes me wish I had cable teevee so I could have watched this.

Here's a section of transcript:

-- Kilmeade: "They're still missing a hundred tons of anthrax and VX gas, where is it?"
Garofalo: "As far, okay. That's what you say. There is no proof or evidence that we're missing a hundred thousand tons of VX gas."

Garofalo: "And I would say, and everybody knows that Roger Ailes, that everybody knows that Roger Ailes is in touch with the White House all the time."
Kilmeade: "And what has Geraldo Rivera been in the past, and what has Alan Colmes been in the past? And do you ever watch any of these shows?”
Garofalo: "Yes I do."
Kilmeade: "And who is actually an independent. Is it Bill O'Reilly?"
Garofalo: "I would say that Fox News is one of the most conservative networks, and that's-"

Now, if we assume that we're all roughly living in a crap shoot and anybody could be right at any given time, I must conclude that Ms. Garofalo is psychic. She predicted no weapons of mass destruction, Fox News as a right wing mouthpiece as well as a number of other very pointed bits of info.

And the president honestly thinks that history will view him kindly. The entire right wing looks like evil warmongering asshats in retrospect.

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