Friday, October 5, 2007

Kid Nation: An attempt to earn raitings and poison souls.

So actually entertaining, not for the general "Oh look at how they are doing this they are so good at this that and the other they are doing a great job building a town." Nope. It's fun to watch because they are all little monsters and the show is trying to encourage such a thing.

Kid nation is established as a faux-capitalistic communistic oligarchy split up into factions.

The older mature kids want the 20 grand that this stupid government is able to hand out every show, and so they work hard and get pissed when it's handed out to people for having a birthday or various other reasons. One of the odder characters is Taylor who works as a beauty queen is on the council and does no work regardless what job they get assigned.

Which seemed a little bit bitchy until in the third episode she's seen comparing her leadership with President Bush. Ah, now it all makes sense. My dislike is justified. They have a nonsense economy where they play for different jobs, for unequal pay, and unequal work. The upperclass does nothing for ten times the pay and the laborers do a lot of work for pretty much nothing.

The council needs to start giving the council gold stars.

Regardless your role you get your pay for the week regardless if you do any work at all. This is the reason communism tends to fail, and so long as people can't kill you for doing nothing... why work?

All the food and such is provided by the state.

Though, they say there are no adults the town is actually crawling with them.

You have a pathetic communistic state run by children, and as the older kids have long since figured out the only real thing are the 20 grand the council hands out. The show is oddly entertaining for all the wrong reasons. All it needs is to start selling votes for the gold stars to make the corruption complete. Can children make a town work when a bunch of stupid stuff happens all the time and made up jobs are made up for no apparent reason at all.

Though beyond being faux-capitalist it's also faux-oligarchy as the producers have this amazing book they apparently wrote the day before to explain to future generations how they should try and make their town work.

Alternet ran bit about Kid Nation teaching kids to be capitalist. In reality it's teaching kids to be communists ruled by an unseen dictator.

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