Tuesday, October 2, 2007

That's it, I'll use bait to attract folks. Here creationists! Come and get it.

I only deny God because Professor Richard Dawkins tells me to.

I don't really understand evolution, but I know it lets me ignore God and sin all I want.

I hate God because bad things happened to me.

I hate God because I'm bitter.

I hate God because I don't feel love.

I have no morality, so I can sin all I want. I can tolerate homosexuals, wear clothing of different fibers, I daresay shellfish and disrepect for my parents are quite doable.

Science is my religion.

I think that atheists should get in charge and wipe out the theists.

Now that the hook is baited. Hopefully the fish start biting. Then I use those fish as bait for the bigger fish.

Come to my blog, there's a lot of creationists to laugh at!

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