Monday, February 11, 2008

Bill Maher is crazy.

Bill Maher on his latest show went deep into his toxin/super-immune system crap and just went too far. I know he's on the board of PETA and this idea that toxins are what makes everybody sick is quite common in New Age circles. The idea that germs aren't what make you sick is about as impressive as the idea that Iraq might not be a bad idea if it works. He's a voice of reason when it comes to atheism, but why not subject those beliefs to a bit of science on this bad boy?

Chlorine is bad for you, it's a poison and I won't drink bleach. So any amount is bad for you? No. Smaller amounts are bad for bacteria in the water supply and insure that we get clean disease free water.

It's akin to the idea that cancer drugs are bad. A lot of them are toxic, really toxic. But, cancer is going to kill you if you don't take those drugs and so far this is our best solution.

Admittedly, we should all cut down heavily on our intake of meat. We should cut down on our intake of sugar. We should exercise more. This will strengthen us, keep us young, and keep us healthy... it won't make us into germ immune supermen.

Just saying, Bill Maher is crazy.

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magx01 said...

I've become quite disillusioned with him as time has gone on. He's a skeptic who's also a consipracy theorist. Guess he's great at compartmentalizing...