Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You're closeminded.

Theology Non-Rule #4 - Anybody who cannot be convinced by absolutely no evidence and nothing but some special pleading and logical fallacies is close minded. These individuals have closed their eyes to the truth, which requires you have faith (close your eyes and mind) in order to believe. In the world of theology, being compelled by strong evidence and not by special pleading means that your mind is closed.

In reality, not everybody you fail to convinced to believe what you believe has a closed mind... you could be full of crap and have no evidence.


Anonymous said...

Lol, this is an interesting blog. Im personally Agnostic , but not for any logical reason. I am a skeptic by nature and can never fully wrap my head around the thought of some dude in the sky watching over humanity. However I do like the Idea of a higher plane of existence, mostly because i would love my consciousness to be immortal and retain all of my accumulated knowledge and Identity. So I have made the choice to sort of believe. It cant hurt. Agnostic: Either way, We win.

Tatarize said...

Does liking an idea make it more likely to be true? I like a heck of a lot of ideas, it doesn't mean they are therefore true, or more likely to be true?

Regardless what I like, I tend to try my best to comport my ideas such that I hold them to the degree there is evidence to support them.

Some beliefs really can hurt though, last Friday a mother attempted to slit her daughter's throats to spare them from this rapture-fail (May 21st).