Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stoopid California.

I blame my Sister and Mother. (for Hillary winning California) Give em the right to vote and they vote wrong. My mother apparently was "waiting 8 years" to vote for her [Hillary]. My sister was the victim of terrorism. Anybody who supports Obama is clearly "pulling a fast one" (too scared to risk it). My brother didn't vote based on his previous 2 hour wait in 2006. It took me literally three minutes to go in and go out. Done.

The younger generation has been doing a lot of heavy lifting politically and Hillary does well? Well, Obama did well too. But, still, old people would happily allow a party without a backbone to waffle-around and suck. Young people got Howard Dean in and shifted up the party to win back both houses and most likely this Presidential election. I want my dream-speaking candidate! Good speeches and strong actions. But, you backboneless freaks want your small margins and small wins. Obama for president would be either in 60s or the 40s and far more likely the former in a general election. However, some people in the party want Hillary's 52% win. I want Obama to crush the election with 60+% and sweep in a good number of Senate seats and a dozen house seats to pad the lead.

Yes, dumbass, Hillary can win. Obama can WIN.

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