Sunday, November 4, 2007

200 solar crosses stolen.

Apparently a cemetery was robbed for about $8000 dollars worth of merchandise namely, 200 solar powered crosses. I am kind of disturbed by the idea of solar powered crosses. Sure, we can't manage to get death valley turned into a massive solar power plant but we can use photovoltaics to power up little symbols of a Roman torture device? What next? Are we going to use ground based radiotransmitters to beam the text of the Bible to outerspace? Are we going to use interferometric modulation to change the colors displayed on a Jesus statue to very effectively make him appear to bleed. Watches with built in GPS systems to track the current location and direction and calculate the direction of Mecca from any point on the planet? DNA scanner to detect the presence of pork in order to keep meals kosher?

The sunshine hits a solar cell and that charges a battery inside and at night the crosses are illuminated.

I love how they describe the technology like a two year old, and as if it all just happens that way. Sunshine hits things, charges thing, and the crosses happen to illuminate...

Just freaky. Well, now I'm off to use Google Map's collection of satellite images to find Noah's ark.

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