Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Whom would Jesus vote for?" - What are you, stupid? Wait... yeah.

So there's a Nytimes article (bugmenot required) on the Evangelical Movement. I'm planning on reading it... I suppose, but there's an image:

Note the bumper sticker "Whom Would Jesus Vote For?" -- I'm astounded that anybody would try and and sound all grammatically correct using "whom" for a religious bumper sticker. Which is twice as odd in that it's wrong. "Who Would Jesus Vote For?" is correct. Jesus would vote for whom? For whom would Jesus vote? Who would Jesus vote for? If you vote the way Jesus votes, who would you vote for? For whom would you vote if you voted as Jesus would vote? -- 'Whom' is an object. 'Who' is a subject. Trying to sound all smart with the message made them wrong... go figure.

Whom cares?

Oh, and by the way Jesus is a Mexican name and most Latinos tend toward the Democrats.

Update: Hm. This is probably right.

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Isaac said...

And on top of that the hipocrit has a global warming sticker on a Ford F-350. It's ok thought we all know Global warming is a load of shit. What ever happened to all the talk about the hole in the ozone in south America? Oh yeah that's right the Democrats couldn't find any way to make money from it!!!