Friday, November 30, 2007

Brain damaged boy, with false premises, and belief death doesn't matter is competent to make choices resulting in his death.

Go figure. Even with the belief that after you die you will live forever and ever in bliss and paradise rather than you will just be dead you are still fully appraised of your consequences? Will wonders never cease! (via Pharyngula)


Edwin said...

Deep within me, I am glad when such things happen.. It is natural selection at work. Religion has become too overspecialized to have any selective advantage.

All one needs to do is make drugs that violate religious ideologies and this meme virus will perish with its carriers.

But we as humans are so altruistic that we pick education over extermination..

Tatarize said...

That's so wrong and yeah... I figure if you could manage to cure cancer and credit your discovery to the devil. That might do some selective pressure.

Though, generally the latest problems haven't been with people refusing to take certain drugs in their best interests, it's having people refuse to give the drugs to people who need them because the-drug-givers are "morally" opposed.

Apparently our evil plan to push the stupid out of the gene pool is going to be weaker than the Christian attempt to push the rapists populations in.

stephy said...

Hey. I like your blog. Just wanted to say so. Thanks for thinking about this stuff.