Monday, July 23, 2007

NOMA: Taking away the bone.

A number of atheists today are quite flippant concerning Gould's principle of NOMA or Non-Overlapping MAgisteria or Not Opposing Metaphysical Asininity. However, there is a recent trend by authors such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris to really object in the strongest terms to the idea. Many people argue that Gould was just placating theists by giving them something. "Mr. Religionist, you're not a complete idiot you just have a different way of knowing things. Science and religion are like parallel lines, or parallel planes of existence." One can almost see the logic in letting religion down easily. Throwing them a bone as it were. Well, now we want that bone back!

You're all morons. When we say that we just have different ways of knowing, we mean to say that there are right answers and wrong ones. And although there may be shades of gray, your answers are pitch black. They aren't correct enough to matter.

You weren't happy with playing different games, you had to make claims about stuff. Things exist, you know things, you have explanations, gays are evil, evolution is false. Well, sorry, you lose... and we're taking back the bone.

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