Thursday, July 5, 2007

Blinky the Fish and Nuclear Power

As all of you know, from my never having mentioned it before, to all of nobody who reads this blog. I am a firm supporter of nuclear power (gay rights and abortion too... gotta keep up my liberal cred). I think that nuclear power is one of the best and most available methods of stopping greenhouse gas pollution within the near future (when we really need to do so in reality). Modern reactors are safe, and the older reactors (save a few Russian ones) weren't dangerous either. The latest generation are passively safe, which is to say that they cannot melt down. Moreover, we are currently using about 1% of our nuclear fuel before calling it nuclear waste and putting it away forever. If we recycled the fuel and burned off the plutonium, we could use our current nuclear reserves to power our country for the next several hundred years at least (probably in the thousands).

Whence Blinky?

A third eye is most likely not due to a genetic mutation such as could be introduced via nuclear radiation (nuclear power releases less radiation than coal burning power plants (by a lot)). Rather it is much more likely to be due to a developmental error where a second embryo is reabsorbed into the first causing a very minor chimerism/conjoined twins situation.

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