Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Which is least related... results...

Sparrowhawk: 2
Mike: 2

Tie goes to Mike for having every proper guess he made correct.

1: The sabretooth cat is related to the cat or tiger.
2: The bear is less related to the hyena or sabretooth cat.
3: The horse is the less related to the pig and whale.
4: The dog is less related to the rabbit or chimpanzee.
5: The fish is less related to the whale or rabbit.


Sparrowhawk said...

I only got 2? Awww man....a little disappointed in myself. Maybe I need to brush up.

Mike said...

Woo Hoo! Tie breaker victory! I thought the contest was until Friday and was going to guess on the last two today. I think I would have guessed the ape instead of the dog, and I would have totally guessed fish as the other two I know to be mammals.

Mike said...

Oh, and yeah, I guess I never actually voted for the third one. I think I would have picked the whale.