Monday, August 10, 2009

Mass murderer... always saved?

So some 48 year old who was pissed that women didn't just walk up and fuck him, went into a gym and shot and killed three women. Even in my most jaded I wouldn't have suspected any role for religion in the mind of a sick anti-social raving nutjob. But, apparently he was religious. Why, didn't religion steer him away? Isn't always watching sky father suppose to keep people in line? Well he was saved. He adhered to the concept of once saved always saved. Which is different from the other interpretation: once you lose your faith, you were retroactively a faker all along.

That's right, heaven baby. He goes there, he does not pass go, he do not collect $200 dollars, pearly gates and fluffy clouds, and eternal bliss. I hear the plumbing in heaven drains into hell. Because it simply wouldn't be a Christian place if you weren't allowed to shit on other people.

I wonder if anybody has ever just be struck with the epiphany that any system of beliefs that says a mass murderer gets eternal bliss but Gandhi is burning in hell, has to be batshit insane. Hitler condoned the burning of Anne Frank for being Jewish, we call him evil. God condones the infinite burning of Anne Frank for being Jewish, and magically he's good? -- Wow. Freaky.

*thanks for the correction, sparrowhawk.

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Sparrowhawk said...

I think the guy was actually 48. Also, if you look around on YouTube there is a video up of him giving a weird "tour" of his own house on himself. Talk about the various things women should be impressed by in it.