Monday, August 31, 2009

Ray Comfort, Odd Admission

If you speak with an atheist on logic you're going to get resistance. But if you deal with their conscious then there's a level playing field. So apparently logically Christianity is at a disadvantage.

Oh, and do check out it has some classic videos like this one that asks Was Galileo an atheist?

A youtube comment on it says it best:
No one claims Galileo was an atheist.



Sparrowhawk said...

Did Galileo like pizza? It's about as pressing an issue as to whether or not he was an atheist.

RedFerret said...

Ah, pornography, adultery and fornication, the sole preserve of the atheist. Sheesh, this guy is like a skipping record sometimes.


RedFerret said...

. . . have you ever told the truth? What does that make you?


Tatarize said...

What do you call a person who tells lies?

-- A Preacher.

Anonymous said...

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