Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This guy talks really long about crap he made up.

Subject yourself to it. I command you. It's long boring and complete shit. It's like a field of shit permeating the universe at its most base levels and condensed in the vibrating molecules of sound waves within the gases of the atmosphere of this planet.


Sparrowhawk said...

Yeah, I couldn't make it past 2 minutes through the first video, but I think I heard enough to understand that what this guy's idea is is apparently: string theory = universe has consciousness, brain doesn't. When I heard him start saying that, in my head I heard the sound of screeching tires and a needle being lifted off a record.

I did a little research on this guy and apparently his PhD is legit, but I guess there's nothing stopping you once you have it from going out and making up new-age bullshit.

Tatarize said...

But you haven't heard about how the unified field of superstring theory proves it and how "information" is a great way of putting it and all the other things that make you want to go *BLAM*.