Friday, June 26, 2009

A more generalized reply to 'y tey stil monkie'.

Explaining natural selection and evolution in an easy and understandable way does seem to be the way to go. But, I think there might be something to the idea of outrage.

YOU CHRISTIANS THINK I'M RELATED TO MUD!? I'm dirt? Fuck you. Calling me dirt. You're just full of insults. Modified mud. Am I mud on my father's side or my mother's side?

I am great ape, a primate. You're saying I share no relationship with any of nature. Nature is just there for no real reason? I'm not a part of it? I'm just modified dirt? I have no connection with the transcendence of nature, with the beauty, and majesty of the natural world? I'm just a bit of fucking mud, like on the bottom of my shoe? Oh, and apparently I'm evil mud. Evil mud-man suffering the sins of my mud-ancestors who ate magical fruit from a magical tree on the advice of a talking reptile. Here's a question for you Christians, if mud was made into man, why is there still mud?

Fuck you. I ain't mud! You can hate yourself and think you're dirt, but don't drag me into your sad little fairy tale. Where does your morality come from? Humans, chimps and other apes have well developed and highly evolved moral sense. Mud doesn't! It slides down hills killing without mercy or remorse. I share 97% of my DNA with other great apes, how much DNA do I share with dirt? None. It's dirt!

I'll think for you poor misguided animals. I'm sorry that you're so confused and despondent that you deny being one with the tranquility the natural world. Your separation from nature is so great that you think you're dirt. I feel so sorry for you. You should know, that you are special and billions upon billions of less fit cousins of your direct ancestors died for your genes. Their sacrifices within the natural world allowed the bootstrapping gradual rare genetic improvements over several billion years, which led to you! You're not dirt, you're the end result of a million generations of winners, each one having the good fortune to mate and reproduce! You're one of the lucky ones.

Explore. Reason. Understand.

Update: added the why is there still mud question. Few modifications, generalized. I am probably overdoing it now...

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Pure Bliss said...

I love it and find it to be a brilliant parody of many of the Christian's who respond to atheist posts.