Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh the stupid it burns...

I'm no completely convinced. No flood. I didn't realize you had a doctorate in anciet archeaological flood evidence. Have you personally been an of these floodsite evidential gatherings? Have you examined the evidence yourself? Do you know exactly what to look for? Does it vary by climate? R there some places that are impossible to get to, to gather evidence? What about if natural disasters have occured? Or if atmospheric condition variance? You must have some advanced knowledge that no one else seems to. Can you post some of this evidence?

Just out of curiosity - what is your evidence to show that there was a global flood?

Genesis 6 and 7

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Spork In the Eye said...

Don't forget the grand canyon! (And if you don't believe me that they use this as evidence, google it a little... but if you're afraid of stupid burns, DON'T DO IT.)