Sunday, November 9, 2008

Large Protests Against Prop 8

I hope they travel back in time because otherwise they are pointless and an example of why prop 8 passed.

Honestly, giant No protests on the news nightly for the last couple weeks before the election would have had considerable sway back when sway was possible.

The No camp was all reaction. Yes sent a bunch of cards around saying Barack Obama doesn't support gay marriage and only then did the No people point out that Barack Obama supports voting no. For a proposition that had 70%+ African American support they should have taken the president elects support to the bank early and often.

I'm glad that people are passionate, they should have done this before.

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Lal said...

I think the No on 8 top down campaign is quite different from the backlash happening now which is organized by everyday folks like you and me. A lot of people were just caught unaware -- the polls also gave false indications right up to the election. Also -- some of us never realized that we would care about gay marriage until that right would be taken away. It's the principle of putting minority rights to majority vote that is completely incomprehensible. I am glad Prop H8 passed -- it awoke a lot of people.