Wednesday, November 5, 2008

At Least There's Still No God.

Politics should probably be ignored about now. I'll hope for the best for Al Franken recount and maybe perk my head up for the Martin/Chambliss runoff, and pay some attention to the Merkley count which predictions suggest he's going to win outright as the count more Dem counties and some lesser places calling it for him. And hope for that guy "A SERIES OF TUBES" is running against.

But honestly, I'm pretty well done with following the races. I really should be. Letting my mood rise and fall with the polls is probably not recommendable. And this blog seems a little makeshift with the politics and quirkiness and atheism all gobbly-gooked. I suppose it's written mostly for myself but it seems a bit odd to have "God's Not" not clearly defined. That or perhaps it is. I'm quite happy Obama won just like the 63 million (more than any other presidential race ever) who voted for him and the many more million who are also happy about it.

As for those people who insist that this is the time we really need to hound him to get our agendas fulfilled... eh. If both houses and the presidency can't manage to push a viable agenda to help people then they don't deserve any more help.

There's still hope for a 60 seat majority in the Senate... a very lowly and silly hope. I think I'll crawl back under a rock somewhere and stop paying attention to things. I hope Palin runs and wins the nomination on 2012. That'll make reelecting Obama an easy task. I'm fine with that. And hope I don't fall for paying attention to the 2010 midterms.

There's still no God. At least there's some debate on that issue by people too silly to realize they are talking to themselves.


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