Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wind blew down my internet for a day.

I nearly went insane.

I think there is some issue with internet addiction, if being unconnected causes such utter turmoil. For example, a good solid 40% of my thoughts ended with "but I can't do that because I don't have internet." -- I don't think this is healthy. I pride myself on being ready if I ever fall into some kind of timewarp and being ready for transport into the past. I even kind-of-sort-of want a smallpox vaccine just so that I'd be safe from the disease without needing to find a dairy maid with cow pox. However, if transported into the past, I'd go crazy without internet then I certainly don't want to fall into a scientifically impossible reordering of the universe.

I am unprepared for this course of (impossible) events.

I probably couldn't even manage to live through 1998 internet. What good are secret keywords (they've been the same for a decade or so now/no I'll never tell you them), that only I know so that I can identify time-travelers from the future, (including myself) if timetraveling leads to saninternetsanity?

Sure, I never bother to prepare for depression era financial collapse or post-peak breakdown of a world unable to dig energy out of the ground, or even a global warming run away world where climate change kicks off a chain reaction of accelerated heating and leads to a post apocalyptic world of subterranean existence as actual and real possibilities... but time travel? I thought I was prepared for and it seems that I would be utterly time-shocked.

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