Thursday, October 23, 2008

True Blood: Werewolf

I think Sam Merlotte on True Blood is a werewolf.

1) Picture of a dog saving a girl on his wall.
2) Called the dog, that always hangs out nearby, "brother".
3) Runs out during the full moon and gets seen running home naked.
4) Sookie can't quite hear his thoughts.

... yeah, kind of random but werewolf I says...
Okay please tell me I'm not the only one that sees that Sam is most likely a Werewolf. I mean the signs are everywhere. Because if I am everyone needs to pay more attention to the episodes and less to the hot guy characters. - suicidalbarbie08


Simple Disaster said...
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Simple Disaster said...

I totally agree! He HAS to be a werewolf. I just recently started watching about 4 episodes back so I don't know if werewolves are as open as vampires, but it would explain why he is nice to minorities in such a conservative, backwards town. (And I'm from Louisiana, they have it down)

Anonymous said...

If you have read the books you know that he is in fact not a were wolf but i am sure you will find out just what he is in the coming episodes =)

Tatarize said...

"Shifter" -- pah, screw that. I know a werewolf when I see one!

Hiland Hall said...

when the black girl (forgot her name) sleeps with him... she says the next day that he BARKS in his sleep.