Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pointing fingers.

I personally blame the entire financial crisis, which has demolished stock prices and allowed to Dow Jones Industrial Average to drop as low as 7882.51 in trading on Friday, on people getting subprime mortgages. That's right largely-minority-families-given-house-loans-at-prices-you-could-barely-afford-and-then-couldn't-when-the-rates-got-jacked-a-bit-higher: it's all your fault! You people destroyed the entire world's economy. I hope your happy. Damn minorities! You sell them a house and they topple the entire capitalistic system.

It's as if they didn't know or care that the entire liquidity of the market was based on very small amounts of real capital to make and claim exorbitant amounts of debt to be traded and dispersed and borrowed against repeatedly and that real capital was mostly their 400k mortgages on their 200k houses! Shame on you. Shame!

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